Code of Conduct

Participation as a member of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, Inc. (ECSCA) requires my abiding by and upholding the following guidelines:

  1. To uphold the principles of the ECSCA’s Constitution, Bylaws, and Statement of Conduct, and to protect the interests of the English Cocker Spaniel in a manner reflecting credit to myself, the breed, and the ECSCA;
  2. To breed as closely to the standard of the breed as adopted by the ECSCA with the goal being to produce the highest quality English Cocker Spaniel in temperament and health which promotes the breeds true characteristics and versatility as a companion and for the function for which it was bred.
  3. To educate the public about our breed, honestly representing the English Cocker Spaniel by disclosing known health issues and the breed’s inherent characteristics and suitability;
  4. To willingly offer assistance and encouragement to new owners and novice competitors in recognizing the need for mentoring and support within the English Cocker Spaniel community;
  5. To breed responsibly, to urge spaying or neutering of bitches or dogs not desirable for breeding, and to make appropriate use of the non-breeding (limited) AKC registration clause and/or withhold registration papers until proof of neutering of these animals is received;
  6. To willingly take back whenever possible or assist in placing or re-homing any English Cocker sold or bred by me;
  7. To become educated as to known and emerging health problems within the breed and to screen breeding stock for those identified health issues for which some form of testing is available;
  8. To willingly disclose known health defect or issues affecting the dog, its ancestors, or its offspring when breeding or selling;
  9. To support and participate in the efforts of the ECSCA to continually assess the health and longevity of the breed through testing, health surveys, and research support;
  10. To support the efforts of ECSCA Rescue;
  11. To supply no animals to pet shops, commercial brokers or dealers, or to raffles or similar projects;
  12. To cover by written agreement all stud service terms, and to keep detailed and accurate written records of matings, births, registrations, sales and transfers, etc.
  13. To provide each dog purchaser with the following:
    • AKC registration papers where applicable;
    • Minimum three generation pedigree;
    • Complete medical records to include dates of inoculations, types of vaccines used, and dates of worming; and copies of relevant and available health checks;
    • Instructions on proper care, to include proper nutrition and feeding requirements, training and grooming instructions;
  14. To protect the health and welfare of all dogs entrusted in my care by providing a safe, sanitary environment, appropriate and necessary veterinary care, and adequate socialization;
  15. To refrain from deceptive or erroneous advertising;
  16. To promote good sportsmanship at all times.
  17. Club Officers and members shall conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the AKC Code of Sportsmanship when posting or commenting on social media, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Community Blogs in the dog fancy.  It is expected that any comments made on Social Media referring to the Club or its members be made in a sensible, respectful & responsible manner.