The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Inc.

Parent Club of the Breed- Established 1936


The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, Inc. in an effort to support our current
and past Junior Members in continuing their post-secondary education, and their
involvement with the E.C.S.C.A, the club offers scholarships to its deserving Members.

This scholarship is available to those students who are or have been Junior Members. If
the applicant is no longer a Junior Member, they must have continued to be a Full
Member in good standing of the club. Applicants must prove their active involvement
with English Cocker Spaniels within the essay portion of the application.

The E.C.S.C.A. will determine the number of scholarships based on available funds each
calendar year but shall not exceed three scholarships in the amount of $500.00 each.
Students must complete an application (to be found at and send it, along
with a letter of recommendation from two members in good standing of the E.C.S.C.A.
and a copy of their school transcripts to the Corresponding Secretary. The
Corresponding Secretary will then forward the application to the members of the Junior
Education & Scholarship Committee for review no later than March 1st of each calendar
year. Final recommendations of the committee will be sent to the Board of Directors of
the E.C.S.C.A. and will be announced at the National Specialty.

The members of the E.C.S.C.A Junior Education and Scholarship Committee are:
Shannon Loritz (Chairman)
Marissa Clark
Elizabeth Neff
Mari-Beth O’Neill
Lynn Pray
Danae Steele

Junior Showmanship Scholarship Application Form

Looking ahead to your future, write a one page essay on how you feel your Junior Showmanship or participation in performance events and your involvement with your English Cocker Spaniels has impacted and may impact your life?
Tell us how involved you have been, personally, in the care and training of your English Cocker Spaniel, and how those responsibilities will help you in other areas of your life, including your continuing education.