English Cocker Spaniel Breed Education Committee

Mentors and Presenters Information

In the continued effort to keep the highest standards, we are updating our list of approved mentors and presenters. It is expected that all Mentors and Presenters be more than comfortable with the standard and knowledge of dog terms in general; not only knowing and understanding the breed specific details of type and function, but being able to articulately elaborate upon them to future English Cocker judges. These judges can run the gamut from a first breed judge through to someone who has judged multiple groups for many decades and is well versed in all things dog. Judges spend time and significant money to attend Parent Club seminars as part of AKC requirements and rightfully expect to be mentored by qualified, knowledgeable individuals who can effectively communicate on the same level. Mentors and Presenters must be not only be thoroughly knowledgeable of the English Cocker standard, but also of general dog structure and movement. Knowledge of correct canine terminology is a must.
The ECSCA Breed Education Committee now requires that a current, approved Mentor sponsor any application for becoming a Mentor, and that a current, approved Presenter sponsor all applications for Presenters.
In order for the Committee to update our list, please read, fill out and return all items in this packet. The packet attached to this letter contains:
  • ECSCA Mentor List.
  • Mentor/Presenter Description
  • Mentor/Presenter Application Form
  • Mentor/Presenter Consent Form
  • ECSCA Mentor/Presenter Notes
  • AKC Anatomy Test*
  • AKC English Cocker Spaniel Breed Test*


Please thoroughly read and complete all forms and return to the Committee Chair.
*not required if you are an AKC approved judge
Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and educate others about our breed.


English Cocker Spaniel Club of America’s Breed Education Committee

Breed Education Documents

1) Mentor/Presenter Description & Purpose
Mentor/Presenter Application Form


Breed Education Committee.

Presenter/Mentor Application

Breed Participation


Breed Education Approved Mentor Presenter Sponsor Information.

Disclaimer & Signature

I certify that my answers and the information I have provided are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I have read all the requirements and gudelines for the ECSCA Breed Education Mentors and Presenters, and i am willing to adher and abide by those rules.

2) Mentor/Presenter Consent Form

English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Breed Education Committee Presenter/Mentor Consent Form.



When representing the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America as a Program Presenter and/or Mentor at ECSCA approved events, I will agree to the following stipulations:

  1. I acknowledge that as a “parent club approved” speaker or Mentor, I represent the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America providing programs for the purpose of educating judges, breeder and/or fanciers of the English Cocker Spaniel under AKC
  2. I agree to use any or all visual aids in the exact form in which I receive them from the
  3. I agree to follow the written outline, based on the AKC breed standard and supplied by the Breed Education Committee during any such presentations or
  4. I agree to adhere to the use of the English Cocker Spaniel breed standard as the basis for any and all educational information I, or my co-speakers, provide during such
  5. I will distribute only those written materials approved and supplied by the English Cocker Spaniel Club of
  6. If I utilize my own dog(s) during a presentation, either for demonstration purposes or as part of a hands-on discussion, the participants are not to know that they are my dogs
  7. Except in the case of visits to breeders with tutors, all dogs that are used for any purpose during a presentation will remain anonymous. I will not acknowledge their owners or handlers by name, registered names of dogs, titles, show wins, or
  8. Following the presentation or mentoring experience, I will promptly submit to the appropriate chairman, an itemization of reimbursable expenses with receipts for same, and will immediately return leftover handouts, booklets, drawings, and any monies collected from the sale of Club items, if
  9. I will obtain a list of names and addresses of attendees or persons mentored at the presentation and will forward it to the chairman of the BEC with any items noted in #8


3) Mentor/Presenter Notes
4) English Cocker Spaniel Breed Test (Download PDF)
This is an open book test and consists of 25 questions. All questions indicated by an • refer to disqualifications and an incorrect response to these questions will result in the failure of the entire test. Please download the PFF and print out the following pages and then email them to wufwuf113@aol.com You will also need to complete and submit a Presenter/Mentor Application form. ****Please circle the correct answer for each of the questions. ***
5) AKC Anatomy Test


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