As part of our website improvements, and to offer a better experience for our members, we are rolling out new Online Member Accounts.

The aim of offering these new Accounts is to offer club related information that is only accessible to our ECSCA members.

Please help us by creating a new account and using it each time you use the website.

– The benefits of this new functionality are many, including the following:

  • Access to the new Online Members Only pages for:
    • The Policy & Procedures Manual.
    • Club financial reports.
    • Legacy “Review Magazines”
    • Members profiles (phone numbers, breed interests, etc) that will be searchable between all online members.
    • A complete history of your purchases made through the site, including membership renewals.
    • Online voting (coming soon).
    • Online News Letters.
    • Instructions on how to create a new user account below: