2022 National Health Clinic

Health Testing: Dr. Judy Pawlusiow of Advanced Veterinary Mobile Diagnostics will conduct testing by appointment only.

A minimum of 25 dogs needed.  Tests offered: BAER Testing (hearing), Ultrasounds for Pregnancy, Bladder, and Prostate, and Heart Auscultation only for OFA Cardiac.

Deadline April 30th 2022.

Held in conjunction with the ECSCA Nat’l – Testing open to all breeds. A minimum of 25 dogs is needed or the clinic will be cancelled.

If cancelled, fees will be refunded.

2022 NATIONAL Health Clinic Form.

Health Clinic Tests Payments

Health TestsItem PriceQuantity
BAER Tests $55
Pregnancy check $100
Bladder Ultrasound $55
Prostate Ultrasound $55
Cardiac for OFA (Heart Auscultation only) $55
Test Sub Total