Colors & Markings

The Breed Education Committee and breeder-judges of English Cocker Spaniels have noticed an increase in the number of questions regarding acceptable color and markings.

In order to provide information on color and markings in accordance with the Breed Standard, this clarification was drafted by the Committee. The English Cocker Spaniel standard states under Color – “Various.”; then goes on to list the acceptable colors and markings in the breed.

The AKC guidelines (1994, amended 2006) for writing breed standards states: “In breeds where multiple colors or color combinations are acceptable, but not all colors are permitted, the complete list of all acceptable colors and color combinations must be included in the standard.

In such cases, any color or color combinations not mentioned are unacceptable, and judges are to pass judgment on this basis.”

Please keep in mind when judging this breed, that color patterns occurring in breeds outside the Sporting group, such as brindle or sable, etc., are not described in the English Cocker Spaniel Breed Standard as they are neither parti-color (ticked, roaned, or open marked, with or without tan points) nor solid color (with or without tan points). Issued by the E.C.S.C.A. Breed Education Committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, Inc. Issue Date: October 12, 2010