HEIGHT: 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder

WEIGHT: 26 to 34 pounds.

LIFESPAN: 12 to 14 years.

Merry, intelligent, athletic, affectionate and devoted family companion;

Enthusiastic and bold in the field with an incessantly wagging tail. Bred in England originally to hunt woodcock the English Cocker is a breed of moderation and balance, neither leggy nor low on leg. He is a big dog in a small package - strong for his size, males 16” to 17” at the withers, weighing 28 to 34 pounds; females 15” to 16”, weighing 26 to 32 pounds. The well rounded, tightly knit body is covered in a silky textured coat that comes in a variety of colors and requires regular grooming along with weekly brushing and combing. Characteristically enjoying a long and vigorous lifespan, the breed  average is 14 years. The head and particularly the kind, endearing expression are the appeal of the breed. The soft eyes draw you in and instinctively you know that this is a breed that exudes a willingness to please and is game for anything involving human companionship.

Larger than the American Cocker and with less coat, the English Cocker is devoted, affectionate, and funny.
He learns quickly and is an ace at sports such as agility.


So if you want a dog who...

- Is conveniently sized and athletic
- Has a pretty feathered coat in a variety of colors
- Is lively and playful, with a tail-wagging nature
- Is usually polite with everyone
- Is peaceful with other pets
- Reguires a fair amount of Grooming


Then one of these wonderful dogs may be for you!