Membership Information

Membership Information


We welcome all lovers of the merry English Cocker Spaniel and invite you to apply for membership with the ECSCA.

Please follow this short application process. We do request that you have 3 endorsers that have been members in good standing of the ECSCA for 5 or more years (1 proposer, 2 seconders). You will be asked to list their name and e-mail information. They will then be notified to send their endorsement to the Corresponding Secretary via e-mail.

Once we receive your application (for Regular or Junior membership), and endorsements, your name and endorsers names are sent to the membership for any comments (positive or negative) for a 30-day period. After completion of this period of time, the ECSCA Board will vote on membership. Associate membership requires no waiting period.

For Specialty Club membership, please contact us via the Contact Form for an application. If, for some reason, your application is not approved, you will be refunded your dues payment.
Objectives of the Club:

Article 1, Section 2(Objectives) of the ECSCA Constitution and By-Laws:
(A) to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred English Cocker Spaniels and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;
(B) to define precisely the true type of the breed and to urge members and breeders to accept that Standard of the Breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which English Cocker Spaniels shall be judged.
(C) to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to promote educational activities pertaining to English Cocker Spaniels.
(D) to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, field events, obedience trials, hunting tests and tracking tests.
(E) to conduct sanctioned matches and specialty shows, field events, obedience trials, hunting tests, tracking tests and other performance events under the rules of the American Kennel Club, and
(F) to encourage the organization of independent local English Cocker Spaniel Specialty Clubs in those locations where there are sufficient fanciers of the breed to meet the requirements of the American Kennel Club.
Membership types to apply for:

Regular – full membership to ECSCA inclusive of voting rights and ability to chair committees & serve on ECSCA Board* if asked. Qualifies for Life Membership at 30 years of continuous membership.

Junior – Must be under 18 years of age, eligible for Scholarships and Travel Stipends, no voting rights, cannot chair committees or serve on ECSCA Board. At 18 years of age, will be moved to Regular or Associate Membership upon payment of dues.

Associate – receives all club communications but no voting rights, cannot chair committees (but can be a part of committees) and cannot serve on ECSCA Board. No waiting period. May request to change to Regular membership at any time and then 30-day waiting period plus a Board re-vote will apply. Not eligible for Life Membership.

*Applicants living outside of the USA will not be able to serve on ECSCA Board no matter the type of membership.

Your membership with the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America will provide you with:

- The ability to subscribe to the ECSCA Review (quarterly breed magazine)
- An illustrated breed standard and membership card.
- Quarterly newsletters and on-going club communication regarding events, health, rescue and more.
- Invitations to participate in events of all types
- The Club Yearbook highlighting all the key events and full membership roster for the previous year.
- The opportunity to chair committees (Regular member) or participate on committees (all member types)
- The opportunity to connect with other members & get expert information and advice about:
o Training puppies,
o Grooming your English Cocker,
o Preparing and entering your dog in events,
o Breeding your dog
- The opportunity to be part of a community of English Cocker enthusiasts who want to do everything to preserve our purposely bred dog.
- The right to vote on Club issues, Judges for our National and Winter Regional specialties and participate in yearly elections (Regular members only)
- The opportunity to apply for scholarships and Junior competition travel stipends

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