ECSCA 2024 Judges "Online" Ballot.

  • We are replacing the old USPS mail-in ballot process for picking the 2024 Judges, and going online.

  • All you need to do for now is:


  • (by August 1st 2022)  so you can participate in the new/online 2024 Judge Nomination/Voting process.


THEN, when the 2024 Judges “NOMINATION” Ballot kicks off:


You will receive  an email containing a “ONE-TIME-LINK” with instructions on how you will nominate your choices for:

    1. Your 5 – 2024 NATIONAL SPECIALTY Regular Judges..
    2. Your 5 – 2024 NATIONAL SPECIALTY Sweepstakes Judges.
    3. Your 5 – 2024 WINTER REGIONAL Regular Judges

Once the panel have collected and ranked all the 2024 Judge Nominations that were submitted on the 1st ballot, we will send out a second online Ballot where you will pick your top 3 judges from the top 10 nominations.

The Ballot system automatically counts the results and then the winning Judges will be announced to the club.